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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SMART forfour 4 tag meme

This is my 1st ever tag in this year in fact i think i was the fastest kena this tag.......
so let's the game begin..... i got from aceone118

4 job i would stink at:
insurance agent had to and hate to ask cruelty question like"when you die where your family got money to pay the funeral ? coffin now price at 10k l.. place to buried? 800k for good fung shui?

skywalker I'm afraid of height

gynecologist dun ask why.......

judge of America idol and Malaysia idol

4 nickname i making myself:
pisang i not sure it stink to me now...

donkey my fren teasing me when i was at primary school

lex luthor out of idea simply put.....

wan.... to greet this one just say " Hai! wan....

4 movies i can watch over & over again:
Gundam movies & series

star trek

Discovery channel

C.S.I. Miami

4 thing i love do on weekends

try do some new recipes like baking cake, make pizza

go to seaside

playing online games

4 alcoholic drinks
i don't drink alcohol but i simply put olny lar....


xiao xin cookin wine
hey i say simply put olny......

red bull

4 fantastic destination i would like to go before i pass out:
every famous nude beach in europe and America ha ha you all never think that... even ah pek
e.g. bredene nudist beach in Belgium

International space station i don't mind if i become experimental thing at there, as long as i can go there.

the moon 2things I want to see whether Niel Armstrong foot print true or not? and whether can see Great Walls of China from Moon.

The North Pole not to see my pee turn into ice but to see aurora light

4 celebrities i would like go on date with:


Saaya Irie

So Yun Kim


this 3 canot up laod thier image to here.......

4 object I would not leave without

my bed because where ever to sleep (i.e. president suite hotel) your own bed is the best.

my computer & internet can leave t.v. but this wan cannot.

my KKC the only thing can bring to afterlife

toilet seat I cannot squat.... you know.....

4 gadget i do not have which i quite like to have:

a female robot that program to love, like from A.I. movies

The "Force" like in star wars can order pp ls to do things we don't want to do

a group of hot sexy female bodyguard that royal to me and follow all my order.....

"teleportation" like in star trek can go any where i like....

my 4 victim to tag is

octopus-C sotongking


sinseh dr liew

mastar laubeh

well i'm done with this tag. my 1st ever tag and it complete......


sotongking said...

Oikz,why u tag me? i wanna keep my virginity la

AceOne said...

wei, why kenot upload the other 3 chicks here??

Jason said...

Read your comments at wingz there. Came here to "CLICK" for you. ;)

Thanks for helping out, can vote every 5 minutes.

Kah Wee said...

wah seh want to have the to pee at north pole like wingz ah.. then can try to compete who can freeze the longest pee la... wakakaka..

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

sotongking: your is my last choice to tag.

aceone: the other 3 so shy wan lar .. you know la asia ladies... not like anatacsia...

jason: thanks and i vote more..

kahw33: i think kanot la... that urine water will freeze in KKC befor it come out. LOL

sotongking said...

So I'm ur last choice to tag la,but u put my name first wor.How u explain tat? I dunwan fren u liao,sei pat kong!

nyonyapenang said...

thanks for dropping by. may i pay occasional visits to your site too?