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Thursday, August 31, 2006

THE 30 inch PENIS

The story begin just right the end of war of the rings. After the return of the king Aragoan, peace at last.
After a few years sometin' happen again.......
It happen in village called Pee Dee. In dis kampung got ols wise man name ah pek. Ah pek is so wise, that the whole pee-pels kam to seek and find the answer.
From question 1+2 = ? To the question how univers start. In the edge of kampung near the sea live 1 person
He got wan problem his 30 inch dick. It was so long that he must put around in his waist when he go out to work.
So 1 day he got bored and tu9lan oledi with his thing, he decide to find the solution to his dick. The 1st person to see is the taikor.

Taikor kanot do anything but he suggest go to meet the old wise wan.

And so he(the piktures) go to find the old wise man (that is ahpeks) to seek some answer. But it was so sad and dissapointed ah peks , for the 1st time kanot gip and asnwer.....
But ah pek told him there is still hope. And the journey is veri though!. He dun wan to quit he kam so far and he dun wan to go bek that so easily
And so ah pek told him that he must climb the
Mauturn at across the land and find the white angle. She maybe can help.

And he Start a journey to that mauturn.
When he arrive there, he no take rest and start climbing.
Until he reach on top he so penat and take some nap...... ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
He woke up in the middle of mist and fog every where, it was so thick until he saw sometin is kambing to his way.
It was the the most beautiful angle that ever he seen
In no time he ask the question to that angle about his problem . The angle smile and point to that large
Island there. she told there was live a magical frog there , if that frog answer 'NO' your problem will solve.
He know that island just in front of is house. So kwikly he rush bek to his home and go to that island with his favorate boat , to that island,
Upon he arrive at that island , he begin to search for that magical frog.
And finally he found that magical frog in the center of small island serounded with pond while that magical frog was TFK.

He was thinkin what question that he whould ask and that magical frog will answer No.
Then he got a idea.

He shout to that magical frog " HEY ! Frog .......... Will you marry me?"
Magical frog was jolt up by that sound and say " NO "

Then he notice his dick was shorten by 5 inch oledi. Thinkin about this idea whould work he repeat the same question

Again he shout to that magical frog " HEY ! Frog ......... Will you marry me?"
The magical frog answer " NO ".

His dick was shorten by 5 inch more.....

He repeat the same question again and shout "HEY ! Frog ..... Will you marry me?"
The magical frog answer " NO ".

This time his dick was shrt by 5 inch more. He take a look and still scrary with 15 inch dick. He think just 1 more la... 10 inch is better mah.....

And he shout again for last same question " HEY ! Frog ......... Will you marry me?"
This time that magical was so veri tu9lan oledi and beh tahan oledi and shout to than man
And say " Wei ! You understan yinglish anot ! Ha? ... The answer is NO........ NO....... NOOOOOooooo"


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ah nel said...

LOL... :D...early MERDEKA day joke for me...


AceOne said...

oi, he shout so many times NO..NO..NO..then his dick disappeared ledi ka?

ah nel said...

cipet...i just tag u...

ace :you oso i tag... ;)

nyonyapenang said...

lidat, tell the ah kuas no nid go operation - go look for the frog can ledi. LOL

hello pisanggoreng,
i gave you a tag to do wor. no problem hor?

Kenny Ng said...

Wakakakaka!!! another KKC joke, this 1 terra... last 3 times NO... mean no more KKC lor... wakakakakaka