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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Once upon time in main land China there is live 1 guy name Chim Phan Chee and his servent name Khoo Ching.

Mr chim is a top serect agent was sent by Emppeler to go to search for new land to open a biznes across sea.On the day to departures Emppeler send 1 from his loyal record writer named Mao Riee Tuss.His job is record what ever even happen on Mr Chim journey to new land.

At the sea Mr Chim nagivate and find Global position where he are?.... Then suddenly Mao Riee Tuss shout! "WEI Where are we ar? Can anywan tell me?" Mr Chim was at the bridge jolt up then skold him and shout at Mao Riee Tuss, "WE ARE SOUTH FROM CHINA SEE!" Mao Riee Tuss shout back "HA!? WHERE? talk propely lar!.... ". Mr Chim raise his voice higher this time... and say" WE ARE SOUTH FROM CHINA seeee......." "what?" Mao Riee Tuss respon. Wah this time Mr Chim sudah beh tahan oledi and shout 1 by 1 to Mao Riee Tuss.. "SOUTH........ CHINA...... SEA....... you understan anot? where you graduate ar?. "Ok la dunshout like that la i'm not pekak you know.So i name this sea, South China Sea ok?.... Mao Riee Tuss respon back. And he(Mao Riee Tuss) named that sea South China Sea.

After a months sailing at sea. They finally arrive at 1 place that stratijik for big ship to stop. Those 3 fler and with some of army navy sailor go to beach and place the Emppeler flag. Mr Chim said" In the name of emppeler i named this place PhanChee right after my name." " Wei not nice la that name why not name sin...*SADAP YOU whos leader here?*" Mao Riee Tuss try to gip idea then it was cut by Mr Chim.

After a year they open a new port there , their biznes are bloomming like hell wan. So busy wan,everyday got new shop to open.
And finally got wan day come a group of malay peoples come to this new place.That malay guy named Wan, Wan Perkasa peeples in his country called him Wan oni. Wan and his team oso send by their sultan to go and seek new biznes place, and his team arrive at place where Mr Chim open his port.

They arrive at that place. They totally shock with jaw open, this place is more suscessfull than their home town. Kwikly they deploy a team to find whos the leader here.In other part of town Mr Chim and his servent Khoo ching with loyal record writer Mao Riee Tuss have their rutin check-up to make sure nobody do coruption.
Wan Perkasa saw Mr Chim and figure that must be the BIG TAIKOR in this place, so Wan Perkasa go and meet Mr Chim.

The cat runs out of street, and catch by Khoo Ching and he say "neko.... kawaiie". Ahh... yet another advantage of Khoo Ching, he really a fast learner. "Boss you know ar... wat this animal called in here?" "Errr.... i.. wei whos that fler ar? funny dress wan?" ask Mr Chim. "Which wan? the wan with bird at his shouder ar?" Khoo Ching ask back. "Yalor looks so mas-kiu-ler, i sked la wei you preten to be taikor dis time?" Mr Chim ask a fayeber to Khoo Ching. Khoo Ching rejected but after a great offer plus 2 years bonus he could'nt resist it, and he accept it.

Wan Perkasa come in and ask "Tuan Hamba, patik yang pacal hina in datang ke sini dan menyaksikan kemajuan yang dasat di tempat ini dan lebih maju dari tempat patik. Apakah gelaran nama tempat ini yang bandarnya indah indah belaka?". "Wei why you smile? answer la..." ask Mr Chim to Khoo Ching. But Khoo Ching reply "i dunno wat the hell he talking about, may be he ask the cats i hold la." "No la i think he wanna know your name leh that why he pointing at you.... just say your name la" Mr Chim gip a suggestion. "Ummpph well arr Khoo Ching" say Khoo Ching.
"Khadam! dengar tu sampaikan berita ini kepada chief di kapal." Wan Perkasa order his Khadam.

Well as you know this Khadam runs to the ship and shouts very loud "Kuching! Kuching! ini bandar nama Kuching!He rans and shout until he reach the port. And the chief named LinPeh went out to find out more. That khadam told to LinPeh from A to Z. LinPeh wanna find this taikor and order that khadam to bring him to meet Khoo Ching. And the khadam bring to them.

Upon arrive at taikor place Mr.Chim know that chief. He was in same home town. After the chit chat Mr Chim wander why they are here. Linpeh explain they want to know what bandar is this... and that fler told Wan Perkasa this is Bandar Kuching.... plus Linpeh want to know what this country is....
By this time Mr.Chim beh tahan oledi and terus quarrel to Khoo Ching.

(the bold is Mr Chim and the italic is Khoo Ching)
"see la i susah susah find this place you got the name" "where got this town is your name ma Phanshi mah?" "wei dun lie la my fren tol me name kuching la" "no la you said gip my name ma so i gip la"
both of them quarrel in multi language and there keep quarrel and all the past thing bring it up.
"Sarla awak la it's your fault la" "Where got it's you say oso wlong is salah awak no propely wan to be leader. ngek ngek ngek negk ngek" "you see la, you see la now lawan towkey balik. wei if i dun take you u hor you ku ku chiaw oledi cut off and you bekam thai kam la. i dun care is your fault sarla awak!" "sarla awak la talk no right wan be leader sam more tunjuk eksen salah awak la" " no! is sarla awak" "salah awak la " "no no is sarla awak!" "salah awak" "sarla awak" "salah wak" "sarlawak!!!!!!!!!

Wan Perkasa come in and he thought they gip name of this country. All this be-kos Mr. Chim shout veri loud word that is SARLAWAK! SA.......RA......... WAKKKKKKKKKKKK.......... sarawak............ .
So 1 more time he ask his khadam to runs to chief ship to take record book and gip to LinPeh to name this country Sarawak......



AceOne said...

ohh..the stori so nice ler. now oni i know the name sarawak ini macam mali wan. Oops..lin peh last time oso exists liao dis lin peh how many years old liao?

mirror said...


manyak susah baca this post. hahaha...

now sarawak like that ah....not bad not bad

ace:maybe lin peh's grandfather bah...or maybe he got magical bean for immortal life

ah nel said...

fuiyooh...gua sini mia olang oso duno...

nyonyapenang said...

you mean last time gua mia cikgu sejarah kasi tipu ke?

Lin Peh said...

Niasing ! Lin Peh where got so kao old ? Anyway.....mana Lin Peh mia copilight ? LOL!

fooDcrazEE said...

lolz...good story line there

Kenny Ng said...

hmm... i learn another history story, now i know how the Sarawak n Kuching name came from... wakakakaka. Nice story... nice joke!