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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ah Beng is so fanatik about radio, dunno why he loves radio so......... much. Arther pee-ples love

mp3, mp4, md. ipod, ps2, x-box 360, psp, gameboy, nintendo DS, plasma TV, LCD TV, HDD TV,handpon, car, motobike,fishning aiyoh too many to say la.

His home got alot of radio from all brand and spesis.

He even got got the 1st radio in the world that he build himself.....

And so 1 day he go to his favourate shop in his place.......

The Owner "Ah Beng mai manber wan kastemer hou-u-du?"

Ah Beng "taukeh ar..... fine fine still alive.... u wan me to die meh?"

The Owner "choi! no la u mai mamber 1 kastemer hau i can kures you like tat?"
"be side u are olni buy radio... my sale volume radio go up lor"

Ah Beng "u got new model kar? i saw in ass-throw got wan radio soooooo.... thin leh"
"we can hang on the wall"

The Owner "aiyoh Beng ...? i reka-man la this wan la sea......... High Definisen TV"
" and it voice actived too... look i demo to u"

And so The Owner make the demo to Ah Beng. But Ah Beng boh layan langsung.

The Owner " wei kam on la do u wan anot?"

Ah Beng " taukeh you know i olni like radio mah so intro radio mah....."

The Owner " ok..... ok.... i intro u to this wan prototype mia since i sold the highest"
" radio in the world. they gip me to sold dis mia prototype."
" look i demo to you?"

Ah Beng "ehhhh... biasa wan la.... same like in my house wan."

The Owner " dis wan diffrent wan .... look i show you kaw pat pat."

Ah Beng " HUAR!!!!! wa lan eh? straight to that station? "

The Owner "yalor..... is voice actived wan. u just say the station name olni. like fly fm,"
" ..... era, like n easi, bla.... bla... bla...."

And the the radio change the station dramaticly.

The Owner " kam on lar olni 3 in the world 2 in yapun wan arder 1 in here tat u la"
" u are olni 1 in here leh"
"sum more.. du u got streamix ar?"

Ah Beng " got.... why?"

The Owner " here i show you.. look here dis wan is internet kornetsen"
" if u put in here you can here radio from all aroun the world"

Ah Beng " ok la i take la..... but i pay bulan bulan la...."

The Owner " aiyah dun worries la, u take 1st pay later... i noe your nose oledi"

After some time Ah Beng radio got some problem and he take back to his dealer. The dealer so sked to repair that radio prototype mia.

The Owner "Ah Beng ar.. i sked to surgeri your radio la. "
" likedis la you go their opis la dey at around west port la i gip u add u go la"

Ah Beng " Ok lor gip la"

But Ah Beng lost his way and end up somewhere at subang.......

Ah Beng "Hmmmmm , may be dis the place"

Ah Beng go in and meet with Customer Service leng lui.

Ah Beng " arlor misi i got problem with my thing lar"

CS leng lui "aiseh you cum in rite place . btw how you noe dis place?"

Ah Beng " my fren told me lor"
"here i show you"

CS leng lui "wait wait u kanot show in public. 1st you must meet loktor wan"
"here i arange loktor to you"

Ah Beng "aiseh loktor kanot do lor ? my fren so sked do dis surgeri........"
"i saw out side sign got do dis surgeri wan can anot?"

Ah Beng take out his thing(that is his radio) and dis make that CS leng lui veri firious.
what did Ah Beng saw and read at the sign?

ten (use high voice).... ten (use middle voice).... ten (use lower voice)....
(scroll down la)





nyonyapenang said...

noooo.... go for 'RADIOTHERAPHY' first mah. sheessh... bodoh betul!

AceOne said...

kakaka..radiotestkopi oso can wan.!!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... he gonna be radiohead soon