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Monday, October 02, 2006

9374 buy la if you dare

1st of all the title are really not related at all with my me me tag.

Piffles tag me coz I tag her last time…….

So let’s begin with my tag……

4 things many don’t’ know(this wan for all the blogger)

- just cure from ‘BLACK MONDAY’ syndrom

- over spending although had a list at the beginning but saw a sale up to 70% mana bole tahan

- hand automatic go to peel ‘kudis’ or sracth at no reason

- always sien at end of the month

4 movies I could watch over and over

- starwars from episode 1 to 6

- independce day ID4

- dunno wat the title but star lau ching wan in there with patrol car called EU 2

- horror movie,comedy movie but dislike sad movie coz give me to cry…

4 place I have live

- my old house single storey

- sewa house

- and my new house

- not yet lor……

4 place I’ve been for vacation

- singapore

- sarawak

- penang

- kelantan

4 of my favourate food

- japanese food

- laksa penang

- self make pizza

- ½ cut watermelon and eat all by yourself

4 places I will rather be there

- china

- japan

- europe

- ah-meh-dick-ka

4 of my favorate song….

- space sherrif gavan

- alan tam

- air supply

- congratulation from ah my goddess anime

4 blogger I wanna to tag is

- it begin with letter ‘ L ‘

- it begin with letter ‘ A ‘

- it begin with letter ‘ R ‘

- the name frycrab (new fella wan)


Kenny Ng said...

how come black monday? i tot ppl call it monday blues? u really so gila star wars ah? may the force b with u~~~~ jiengggg~~~~~~!!! LOL

AceOne said...

eh, favourite food, you forget goreng pisang ka.

frycrab said...

eh..pisang tag apa ni?

i noob pc got problem recently...always restart then after that always restart n restart .cant reach to windows.dunno which hardware got problem.

Wennnn said...

Eh pisang wah U like to eat the watermelon all by urself no share ah?? Where can like tat? I wan some too it's my fav too!!!!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

not just starwars but startrek
and gundam oso

shh you nearly bocor my secret
ke ke ke ke ke

read the title then do copy the title do what you like.

and about your PC CHANGE IT!

ok la we share la...