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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Our country will recieve the 1st submarine in Jan 2009 and the 2nd in Oct 2010
I want to story to you all that our navy will give a contest to name the two submarine and still open till end of this month.

I know I should let you all know earlier but busy clearing my e-mail in yahoo too many.
and this are the rules oh the prize? RM5000 RM2500 each,ms/

you can name anything as you like and this are the sample
which is the ship name , this is the real wan,ms/

and download it the form with adobe reader.......,ms/

I have a name already , oh... kanot gip wan... he he he...
so why wait download now... if you win that is your highest ang pow
that you will receive ever in your entire life. true anot?
those who had old folks how much you get ?
why wait download now........
like iklan T.V. la..
he he he he he he he he he he


Wennnn said...

OK ok I know the name: It is KD HAng Kung chiew or KD Hang Liulian!!! All for U pisang or liulian u wan?????? heheheheh Name of the fruits

Ace said...

Use KD Aceone..sure menang wan!! kakaka

Kenny Ng said...

What for we buy submarine?