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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mystery Letter part 1

1 day ace got this letter , but he dunno where and who from.
He take that letter with arther his letter like loan letter, hire purchases letter, credit card letter.
But olny 1 letter that he curious about. Is that letter a letter without name and address from it's sender.
After that he put that letter at his PC. Then he on that PC and wait till boot completely
While he was surfing and blogging his eye keep staring at that letter.
He open that letter then he take out the content
and read this letter

togethet with that letter got 1 piktures.
Ace scratch his head and he dernoe wat to do.
then he look at the back of that piktures , oso got some writing there

"Pluzes find dis hall and when you find it you must stay there until I show up"

p/s : You can camping there too.

Wat hapen har?
Will Ace find that place find out more in "Mystery Letter " part 2

(*ending with star wars "ending theme soundtrack"*)

1 comment:

AceOne118 said...

Ooi!! I dreamt of this place before!!