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Thursday, March 29, 2007


Has wennnn extend the her hornyday she really really not busy find that location.
She go back to Penang and venture to lorong kulit to find the lost artifek and try to find somr treasure at there. After that she go to melaka and venture to jonker street with same mission.

Not just ace rojakz and wennnn receive that strange piktures .
Pinkster, lehbit, kennyng, nyonyapenang, mirror and ah nel plus ahben oso kena.
As pinkster she receive it when she coming back from hornyday.
lehbit receive it when she come home from work. All these receive with same pikture
that is this piktures

But where is this piktures? what the special about it?

Meanwhile ace oledi find the location of that piktures . Is inside 1 building
he go in to that building . It was the same as look in that piktures. He go inside
and got 1 table there.......... .
Above that that table got 1 letter there and ace name written at that letter.
Ace take that letter and open it .
inside that letter order him go to hotel and no need to camping.
Ace was so mad...... came here with full camping gear then they gip stay at hotel!!!!!!
And so ace go follow the order and stay there.

Rojakz got abit of angpow by selling all tha 1000 boxes that send to him and he still
wonder where is that location were?

what will happen with all the person that receive that letter
find out part 4

*ending with star wars "ending theme soundtrack"*).


janicepa said...

wei wei .. how many chapter wan this stoli ??? fai tit lah ..

Kenny Ng said...

Eh... faster tell la... so suspend la.