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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I got this tag from far far away. No ....... no.... no..... not not from UK this time.
This time this place are hot and dry. A place where 'belly dancer' came from.
And she is not a dancer she study at there , what course? well I tell you next time
I want to do her tag faster or later she bombarded me with more tag.

Okay let's begin:

1. Male , still single , no girlfriend infact no at all and , loves to play video game , online game
plus MMOG(Massive Multiple Online Game). Love to eat penang laksa, fruit and what else ?
Also likes to cook, make cookies and bake cake. a real cake. And drinks at least 6 plain water a day.

2. Rich in potassium and recommended by doctor. Also got vitamin A , vitamin B include Thianime, Riboflavin, Niacin. vitamin B6, Folic Acid also got vitamin C plus got mineral like
Calcium, Magnesium and with trace of iron and zinc.
The healthiest fruit .

3. Can be use as medicine from fruit to trunk... if the batang(trunk) i don't know la
but fruit you can access here
please give some comment.

4. Really really love speed but when drive don't like to speed weird hah?
Scare of worm, katak , cicak, 'kha cat' . Wuih yo! can make heart drop you know!

5. Banana (Pisang) is not a tree, but the world largest herb.

Okay la that all la
I think all already did this tag so no need to do that tag tag more.....


aceone118 said...

Yalor, this pinky girl eat full nothing to do go and tag ppl. Come..come..pisang we form an armies and attack!! kakaka..You do the surveillence and i google map where she stay. WE must investigate her again!! kekeke

Rabbit said...

Kaka! Acey kor kor u planning to shoot pinksterz ledi ka? Later she comes back then u know, u'll kena kao kao from her! kaka!

Eh, pisang! u also sked ka chat wan ka? Same gang la like that? So irritating hor those siu keong. Ishh!

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

aceone -->
wokeh set....
is time to command to conquer.

that thing very sked lor....
once it cwarling into my pants
i dunwan story this any more..

pinksterz said...

eleh. nak form tentera konon.

see lah who kena after that. sure you two one lah.

go google me. go lah go! kakaka!

kakaka! i go and goreng cucur pisang lagi bagus.


janicepa said...

oh.. now we know !!! you scare of these tiny pest !!. hahaha...