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Sunday, April 29, 2007

3 Ah Beng Hunter.....

Ok after got back from sarawak my PC got virus and had reformat back
while in sarawak i heard 1 conversation beside the table when i having my diner
i know the name.... to protect his name i will name Ah beng and all 3 of them Ah beng
Let's begin the story.......


3 Ah beng go in the woods to show of thier skills....
with their rifle each on .

The 1st Ah beng say I will come back with chicks.
Few minute he come back with 1 big tits.
The 2 Ah beng ask him and he say....
"I see the track mah.... then I follow the track."

The 2nd Ah beng 'beh-song' oledi then go in the woods and promise
he will come back with bigger catch.
After 1 day he came back with 1 big deer
the 2 Ah beng ask him,and he say
"I follow the scent the the track lor. so easy mah"

And so the 3rd Ah beng 'beh kam guan' oledi
I will follow what ever track what I find you see lar later!
And so few day later, 3rd Ah beng came back with
alot of beaten , bruised, bloody and totally trashed.
The 2 Ah beng ask him . and he say
"I saw the track then I smell the scent so I follow the track,
I get hit by the train."


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MonkeyWong said...

Linked to u liao!