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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cannot Open

Do you feel some times in deep pressure. Do you?
I mean when you are driving... suddenly you feel a pressure ,
a one pressure build inside your inner core (bowel)
1st it start with mild then it grow stronger and stronger

As the pressure build, our refelection either will be fast or slow.
Our face will be serious and some time sweating from head to toe

When the pressure getting stronger , all our mind is thinking is toilet......... .
Sit type or squat type all we think is relive
Okay that end of my story and now i wanna to tell you a jokes
may be you all heard this jokes

Ah Beng is a sohai(idiot) , after trying for many years he still didn't get a child.
So one day he pay visit to fertility clinic and tell his problem to doctor.
The doctor decide to have a sperm count and he give a spicemen cup and told him to fill it.
The next day he come to meet his doctor again.

Ah Beng : I cannot do at all doc? Nothing happen.
Doctor : Nothing happen ?
Ah Beng : Yeah !, when I reach home I immediately try with my right hand nothing happen...
Doctor : Did you try with your left hand?
Ah Beng : Yes I do, I do with my left hand. Still nothing happen......
Doctor : *scratch head*
Ah Beng : Then I ask my wife to do the same thing i do. First she try with her right hand nothing happen then she try with her left hand still nothing happen and finally her friend offer a help. She try with her right hand , then left hand and her mouth still nothing happen?
Doctor : Wait! you mean your wife friend also did it too?
Ah Beng : Yeah ! and we still can't get the lid open.


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