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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A dangerous drink..........

Last night I did really really stupid thing . You see it happen all before I go to bed time.
What I going wanna to do that moment I feel going to drink something different. I start to boil some water. Then I made a coffee black , pitch black coffee ( in some SE Asia called 'kopi kaw' )
then I make indian pulling tea milk. And so i drunk it both into my throat.

As the result ........ yeah a deadly chemical to me....
I stay awake all night with my eyes wide open.......... . . . . . . .
I woke up a round 2pm, with panda eyes around my eyes. ( dark circle around eye )

never try this drink
never and ever.

1 comment:

Wennnn said...

YA meh... luckily i dun drink teh tarik one...