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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Not my baby JOKING ONLY

As a normal day Dr. Ace was in his specialist clinic doing not thing and he take the rubic cube and try to turn and turn until it get all side with same color
Then his beautiful sexy nurse come in and hand him a patient that he will see the patient later.

Few second later the patient come in.

"doctor..... doctor... can you see what wrong with this baby?" ask pinky

"Hmm...... let me check 1st....." said that Dr. Ace.

after checking for few minute.

" this baby was under weight lor.......... did the baby breast feed or bottle feed?" ask Dr. Ace.

" breast feed" answered pinky

" take off your shirt i wan to check" ask Dr. Ace.

And so pinky take off her shirt.
And Dr. Ace do the normal thing that doctor do with his sexy nurse beside him.

" KNN no wonder that baby under weight...... you dunhave milk at all" xplain Dr.Ace

" who say that baby is mine? that baby is my granddot-ther but i glad i come here ledi" say pinky.



AceOne118 said...

Fuyohhhh!!! pinky taking off her clothes?

team bsg said...

we oso want the nomilk !
glad you are back to the wakakakkekekakakak!