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Friday, March 07, 2008

this make me mad

Phone ringing ["incoming call"] from 'climax jump Op. ver. of Kamen Rider Den O'.

[Pick it up.]

*Hello............... he.......llo...........*
(with higher voice) *HELLO!. . . . . . .. . . .*

*This is _______ your bill is overdue and you must pay within 7 days or we charge $20 to your next bill. If you already paid please ignored this massage.*

Bladi hell betul. I was in toilet and going to make "delivered" out that waste out from my body when the phone rang. I rush out from toilet and with that "thing" still stuck in my butt, and find out it was voice massage. Some more is a male voice. If a sexy female voice I don't mind. My heart also cair if heard that sexy female voice.

ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

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