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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This I volunteer to do this from ACE blog 5 reason why i blog.

1. I don't know when it start and begin. It all came suddenly , at first i dunno what i going to blog then . I think why i don't blog about my sickness (you can see this in February post)
at that time i was going to go 1 major operation . Doctor said is too much risk and I will bleed to death on the table. Hearing of that I was very very indeed scare every day day passing I hope time will go very very slow. And I was imagining if 'time machine' really do exist I would use that to go back in time and change my sickness .............................. and give the entire result of 4D, toto and lottery number for whole 1000 years at future kih kih kih kih (laugh)

2. To make a new friend and adventure who knows the blogger that you know so many years is your long lost friend or vice versa.Same with friend ACE I'm too lost all my scholl mate primary and secondary . Some time meet in town and say 'hi' then walk our own path again.

3. I want be independence on my own finding my own money so my mum stop worry me forever.
The reason I cannot work be'coz of my left foot ... no that not the reason I don't want to work.
I cannot run, cannot climb high place, cannot walk fast (even turtle can over take me no joke), cannot jump my movement are very limited. Once I have a work and promises me the job is not very burden to me . And I thinking why not give it a try. The 1st two week is okay then ....... . Enter the 3rd week the senior worker order me to take a heavy box and climb high places . May be they bullying me you know when a junior come they show their power. I told them I was disabled and cannot lift heavy things . It seem that senior not satisfied and told a bad things to my boss , i resign after 3 month . That the different case that I would not blog in here. resign after 5 month. After that i was offer a job with same the job but i told them really cannot do this and climb that , and they keep quiet and the next day they say the job was taken. Beside they are all my 'mum and pops' friend . At 1 time my mum friend offer me a job as ' stock watcher' that is sit all day at stock market watch the counter and inform them . That job taken by their relatives , for few day they came and say sorry to my mum and mum said never mind about it.
Seeing this chances to make money like Tan Silly I tried to give a chance to put inside my blog with ADSENSE . I got through. Then 1 day this 'UNEDUCATED MAN'(the kurang ajar) scold Tan silly with my blogger name . Tan Silly told me and I explained I not using the PC at that time so I fell that 'kurang ajar' man will read more at rojak blog , I put some gentl comment in there . I said "be a gentleman use your own nickname to comment" IS THAT WRONG? . Afew week later my ADSENSE sabotage.
I suspected it was done by this'UNEDUCATED MAN' because all the IP address are same.


Wingz said...

latuk! that farker still kacau u ka?

Yinsi Yat said...

My adsense also kena sabotaged by the same farker! Tiu a not?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

he now ni kacau me oledi......

of couse la....