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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mark 200

On my birthday post is my 200th post and I still keeping it alive. My blog is 2 years old already but I did not post my 2nd anniversary post in here. I totally forgot about that and keep posting until 2 month was past.

So this 200th post I take this opportunity to celebrate my 2nd anniversary in here.
This year it still okay and I'm fine and healthy . Still chit chat with my buddy ACE.
And give me a lot of good advice, and a lot more joking.

What I hope for socialpark will give me a 2nd change for pay-per-post.

Thank you


Kenny Ng said...

I really forgot my blog is more than 2 years and more than 300 posts until I read this then check on my blog status... Time really flies.

Congratulations and keep it up bro!

Wennn said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary for your blog!! Yeah time really flies.... My blog also more than 300 posts I also din realize.. Now I guess i can start counting for my Bb's blog... heheheheh...