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Friday, August 15, 2008

Gift To Ace

From Nuffnang Gift Ideal Contest. I want present mine 5th gift.
This is mine fifth gift to some one good to me. To my best friend blogger Ace. I think I will give more than 1 gift here; and I saw there are a prefect give for him in RealMart. My friend love fishing and I have a few gift for him.

The 1st gift are AB Lounger GEN-SP3103
Not just exercise chair but it can use be a relax chair. This chair can make him more relax while wait that fish take a bait.

The second gift also involve fishing it's Mobicool Portable Refrigerator CT 07
Not just he can keep his beverages cool but keep his catch fresh.

The final gift are Coleman 2AA Widebeam Flashlight 5307 - 750
It's good during night fishing under dim light. We don't know what we catch and what we got at that time.
And that's all my gift to Ace, hope he enjoy this gift.

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