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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Kimmy is special

Nuffnang is extended their Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest to 19 August this month to give more change to all nuffnanger to gift to your nuffnang friend. And the prizes is jump from RM 1500 to RM 2000.

I choose Osim iCare 200 - OS 3200 for her because I want her beauty eye keep shining in her blog.
Her eyes makes my hearth melt
Her eyes makes my life revive
Her eyes makes me laugh

That's why I choose this gift to her so she can keep her eyes healthy. Not just for her eyes but to her whole body and her pretty face.
All this I can find in Realrewards RealMart site.


Cheeky_me said...

I am speechless, pisang.. but thanks, you lighten up my day :)

Jezza said...

Wow, you're giving her an Osim to massage her face and her whole body. Sounds very sexy. I think the two of you should get together. Then you can buy a waffle maker from RealMart: and have breakfast in bed together.