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Friday, November 21, 2008

X mark the spot.

Pisang, Ace, and Linpeh goes to sea to fishing. We all 3 go to sea every 6 month to fishing at sea. That day luck was in their side, every lure they throw they will be statisfied. Each of them got 50kg of different kind of fish. They are very happy about it.

Then Ace say something to Linpeh.

"Linpeh this place very good. Make sure you mark this place" said Ace

"Okay I'll mark it" said Linpeh

6 month were past and they all 3 plans to go to same spot again. But hours past they still didn't find the spot as they find it 6 month ago.

"Linpeh are you sure you know that place? It's going to dark soon" said Pisang.

"I'm sure .............. . I mark the X on the boat" said Linpeh.

"KNN you if like that why you rent different boat today? said Ace.

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