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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Green Peas Cookies

Sorry no updated for 10 days. I'm busy making cookies for up coming Lunar New Year.
And I will share 1 of cookies that I make.

Firstly ground green Peas weighed to 130 gram
Then weighted flour to 150 gram

Then you need corn oil in about 100ml

130 gram of icing sugar that all you need
(if you think not enough sweets you can add more)

And finally 1/4 quarter of tea spoon of salt

Mix all the ingredients in one gigantic bowl (if you have) except corn oil.

Then slowly pure in corn oil into the bowl. A bit by bit.

Mix the ingredient with corn oil in circular direction. Don't forget to add more corn oil.

Mix it until you can roll and form the dough into ball shape (like above this picture)
If you can't shape it into ball, slowly add more corn oil a bit by bit and shape it until you can shape the dough into small ball.

Grease the pan with magerine then dust it with some flour. Shake the excess flour. This are preventing the cookies stick hard to pan. Before you put in oven beat lightly 1 egg yolk and glaze the cookies.

Preheat the oven at 170 degree Celsius. Then bake that cookies in 20 minute or till well baked.

Finally take out the cookies and let it cool before you put in container.

All right easy or not. To me this is very simple and very easy.
And the ingredient you can get at bakery shop or you can get at here
at BAGUS baker shop.