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Friday, January 30, 2009

I know what happen to you.

Well Chinese New Year still warm with everyone's visiting house to house.
This story is about ace jr. Ace jr. is 10 years old and still sucking his thumb wherever he go. Ace his father are so worried. So on this Chinese New Year ace bring his son to meet his old buddy pisang.

After chit-chating for 1 1/2 hour ace want to go home already. As normally Chinese New Year custom, pisang give red packet (ang pow) to ace jr. and he so exciting.

On way back to home ace said to his son.

"Junior did you see that uncle with big tummy?" ask ace

" Yeah " said ace jr.

"Last time he likes sucking thumb wan. So at last he got big tummy" explain ace.

Ace jr. quickly remove his hand from his mouth. The trick work. On his way back ace stop at babyfiona house to "pray a new year" to babyfiona fammily. Babyfiona now 8 month pregnant.

At that time there where a lot of people inside her house.
Ace with his junior come and they are shaking hands. Then with no reason ace jr. say very very loud

HA!........ aunty I know what happen to your tummy.