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Monday, January 05, 2009


The beginning of the year 2009 is the hardest thing to my father to swallowed. Why not his beloved youngest sister and her family of 3 passed away in freaked accident on 1st day of New Year. Among who died are her husband sister and her niece.

She was mine aunt too. Now left 3 only, 2 daughters and the only son .
I was could not believe it. It just like yesterday that we meet her. In fact she came to our house to visit us with her husband sister to my house.

If you see that red car that was my uncle drove on that poor day.
What "IF" the back passenger put the seat beat in could they saved by that freaked accident?

Now you tell me what is the worth of RM 2000 fine by police with 1 single life?

To put the seat belt it take less than 5 second, but accident happen in 0.05 second , right?

To someone who think this summons is unfair , well think deeply and beyond.
What happen if your father side of family or your mother side of family, have a same senario like my father family?
I think at that time this summons is fair.

Please DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN to your beloved one.
You can always remind them even if you are driving .


1 comment:

Yinsi Yat said...

I sorry to hear that it was your aunt. I saw it in the news as well. My condolences.