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Monday, April 20, 2009

Elly show.

Well I had nothing to blog now, no idea..... and for the moment I tell my story with my sister trip to A'FAMOSA RESORT. Here is a safari park and as I entered there are a elephant show just wanna to start so we take your place to seat and watch the show.

The show begin as the trainer ride on top of his buddy and walk around the field.

Then they show how good they are playing basket ball.

You want to try elly massage? these two feller are "forced" to volunteered to massage by elephant. 1st is woman was been massage. she face down and elly massage from butt to waist.
Not thing actually.

Now is man turn. And that elly massage his groin. the whole stage including me laugh at it.
Pity him wonder what hapen that night.

Before the show ends that elephant gives us "black gold" to us by dropping by its rear ends
Well that's ends the show. For those cannot stand the stink I advise stay away from this show.
It can make you puke.


1 comment:

backStreetGluttons said...

omg ! first time got elephant do man & woman ! ele good !