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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


That day me and ace go fishing at tanjung harapan. That day also Sunday and most of shop was close. So we arrive at the scene and in no time we book a good spot and start fishing. In few hours we got a lot if fish.When we wants to go back home ,suddenly we both feel very uncomfortable, Since the outbreak of H1N1 we are indeed vry scare till our balls drop. so both of us drive our own car to find a clinic, but all close because it sunday.

Then luckily we find a chinese phisyscient shop also known a sinseh shop. So because Sunday, we decide to go to that shop. When we enter that shop we told that sinseh what we got.
That sinseh seem understand. Then he called his maid.

"Siti ! mari sini kejap."

His maid come out

"bawa 2 orang ni pergi periksa"

His maid bring both of us to check-up room and that sinseh give us gurrentee that Siti already have a basic training.

After that that sinseh come and check us.
Thenwe got too much heat because we stay under sun for too long. So that sinseh ask we to buy pre-pack herbal cooling tea and with 5 liter of water boil it for 1 hour. We also got 2 bottle each of herbal cooling tea.

Both of us ready to pay our bill, then we notice that our bill got extra charge of $50 each. We called that sinseh and try to find out what that extra $50 .
Then that sinseh say.

"Oh....... that wan kar? that wan is for Siti scan(CT scan)"

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Yinsi Yat said...

Hoi! why you go tell everyone!!!