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Saturday, May 15, 2010

cigarette joke

Two (female) senior citizens, much peeved with the new smoking regulations, were forced to puff away outside the nursing home one afternoon.

They were enjoying the session, puffing away on their preferred brands, (one liked Marlboro, the other Camel), when it started to rain.

One of the ladies quickly pulled out a cover for her smoke, to protect it from the rain. The other asked what the hell she was using, and was told that it was a condom, and that it was an ideal product for such a purpose. She had to agree that it was an excellent idea, and so the next day when she was out shopping, she went to her pharmacy.

She asked her nice young friendly handsome pharmacist for some assistance. She needed to buy a packet of condoms. The NYFHP, slightly stunned with this request, and seeking time to recover, asked the first question to come into his head, which was "What size would you like?" The senior citizen, now also a little flustered, replied "I'm not sure, but it must be big enough to fit a Camel".

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