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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

herbal drinks

from left: pak khi, long shem, ang chor(red dates) this name in hokkien tongue.

This 3 type of herbal medicine is good for our leg muscle. you can buy it from chinese medicine shop or at 'night flea market' (pasar malam). Some of them are ready pack so there are no problem when you wants to prepare this drinks. The amount of water should be 2 to 4 liter. Bring it to boil in about 1 or 2 hr... Finally you can let it cool in room tempretures. you can drink straight away... or you can add rock sugar or honey to taste. It is good for patient who go under major surgery and operation it is because right after operation a patient must go under fisiohteraphy. the benefit of this drinks it can strengthen our legs muscles.

that all


AceOne said...

Bladur, do you have any herbal drink resipi for KKC?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

never mind i can find that...

Cynthia said...

Hey, I think you are the only person will understand how i feel when aussie didnt win!!!

ekekekekekekeekekekek. =) see their arses kicked by Brazil.
How cool is that!!!

Phew phew~!!!

ah pek said...

blufing. ah ma says,
'bor kar, chaik dehr kar'
(improve leg, eat pig legs)

frostier said...

i tot eat chicken leg can adi?

cheesie said...

OMFC the middle thingie looks so obscene!

BTW, i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag i din't see the tag ...

*continues chanting*

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