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Saturday, November 10, 2007

No More Cable

I use internet more than 10 hour per day. Last time I use dail-up modem to surf into net. Now it's to year already I use broandband connection. Now a new wi-fi provider comes to area.

BT Total Broandband have a great offer that I could not let it go away that easily. They give me a choice either choose 18 month contract with 18.99 pound per month for first 6 month and 24.99 pound thereafter or 22.99 pound per month for first 3 month and 24.99 pound thereafter.
This offer comes with wireless BT home hub with BT hub phone and unlimited download.

BT home hub is the next generation wireless router. Is easy to connect to my PC, laptops and my gaming console without need a single wire. This router has built-in firewall that updated its self and keep my PC from spyware, adware, viruses and unwanted intruders.
Connection is fast and reliable, up to 8mb is 4x faster than dail-up speed.

Wtih addition offer I get unlimited download. Now I can download my songs and play online game without hassle. I also get 24/7 customer support from BT. I also get 5GB secure online with BT digital vault and BT Vision with access to thousand hours to entertaiment. All this is given by BT.

So why wait now click and get the offer now.

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