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Monday, October 23, 2006


Ah beng is veri faithfull to god his offering to god every year .... fuyioh! emperer oso lst man

Then 1 day rains coming to his town. As the water level keep raising everyone start packing expect Ah beng
now the water feach his balcony oledi ,then comes 1 sampan.
A man in the sampan told him to come in ,but Ah beng says "dun worry god will help me. i'm veri faithfull to god"
the sampan feler shake his head then go away.

Then water raise to balcony and Ah beng move to the roof . Then comes 1 speed boat with pioa mei cover her body with 5% of cloth.
The captain say to Ah beng "YO! diggin man......"
Ah beng replies " NO thanks man. god will help me. i'm veri faithfull to god man"

Now, water reach at Ah beng feet , he still not sked at all. Then helicopter comes to him.
they throw the rope and ask Ah beng to climb up but Ah beng refuse to climb.
You know wat he say? right ok lor i climb in.... ka ka ka ka no no no that not the answer.
the right answer is
Ah beng said " No need ma. god will save me. i'm veri faithful to god. bye bye"

Finally water cover that roof and Ah beng wash away....

Now Ah beng go meet god and wan to find out why god neber help him.
Ah beng said " God i veri faithful to you but why you neber help me when i really need your help?"
"WHAT!?... who say i neber save you ? i send a sampan you dun wan... i send a speed boat with pretty piao mei you oso dun wan? then i send a helicopter you 'jual mahal' dun wan oso. how you can say i neber help you"

Ah beng say in his heart "cheese no wander all the driver looks same face"


Chen said...

I like this -->"no wander all the driver looks same face" :P

Wennnn said...

Wah good lor this one!!! Veri veri stupid Ah beng la....

laundryamah said...

this is classic human la..when God is helping and by his side oso dunno! but the same face part is good leh!

Kenny Ng said...

wakakakaka... the most classic part is... no wonder all the driver looks same face.

toniXe said...

sor high, nowander he call ah beng.

ask him change name 2 TLP ( tualanpa) or PSBS(pasibeysi)

otherwise call him LP(longpiak).

AceOne said...

Wuahaha..Ahbeng bolih!!