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Friday, October 20, 2006

3 sohai and the fridge

Is when the 1st sohai name ah ben beng, find himself at the gate of haven and know his die liao…..

So he approach to that jaga and said:

"Well I had a bad day today 1st befor I reach my office I forgot my mia document left in my home so I turn back. But sohai betul kena saman coz I make ilegal U-turn. When I reach home ,lift rosak and I live at 35 floor. Upon I open my house door, I saw a man running from my room which I slept with my wife. And straight to kitchen. I so tu9lan oledi and run to kitchen, but saw no wan there I when to balcony and I saw that man trying to escape tru my mia balcony hanging from his hand and trying to jump to next below the balcony. So I tell you I start hit his hand but he still dun wan to let go. Then I when back to kitchen and take some cooking oil came back to balcony and pour it to that man hand .finally he let go and I’m sure he finish, but he land on thick bush and he alive. Finally I take out that fridge and trow it above 35 floor and poom! Kena that man. But suddenly I got heart attack and die on the spot. You see kesian anot?"

Jaga said : "okla okla that wan no kira wan you can enter."

But befor ah beng enter comes the 2nd sohai name ah seng.

Ah seng goes to that jaga and said:

"Aiyoh mister ah ! I dunno wat day to day lor. In the morning I woke up at the coridoor outside my mia house. Then I go brush my teeth, insteed using my toothpaste I “ter”use my KKC lubricate, mentol flavor pulak tu. After that I on my cable TV but no piktures, soon I reliezes the plug was tercabut… . And I plug it back lor but I slip and drop from my balcony. Luckily I grab at 35 floor. Soon came 1 guy ,and I thought he going to save me but he hit my hand and some more he twist it. Not enough of that he pour oil at my hand. I kanot tahan oledi and let go. And drop straight and bum! I woke up ….. I was save by the thick bush. Just befor I chould move 1 fridge hit me. And here I am?"

Jaga said: "so sohai that feler la… okla you oso can go in. ha you? sohai anot? why you so naked? You die in bathtub kar?"

“No I am the sohai in the frigde which drop from 35 floor.”said the 3rd sohai

Wa ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka


AceOne said...

Wuahaha..ahbeng and ahseng so 'sohai'!!! Wah, drop from 35 flr oso kenot die hor, terror la.

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... really pity that Ah Seng... damn sohai la they all.. wakakakaka

Venesse said...

men'll really kill d fellow dat caught sleep wif d wife meh??? :)

frycrab said...

hahaa....sohai really sohai....
pisang u dun follow them ya.i very miss u!

Wennnn said...

Wakakakakakak... That Ah beng realli can carry the fridge meh so heavy with the 3rd sohai inside there???? and throw it out of the balconi!!!! Terror ah..... tat Ah beng no wonder he die of heart attack la over used his muscles liao!!! Not his brain..... la!!!