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Sunday, October 15, 2006

tat khiu

I'm back and i announce that my mia operation was cancel due to 1 of boil(bisul)
suddenly attack my body
cheese was my time
still feel the bius side effect
real sked man. how it fell? try put 50kg of kampit (10 x 5kg) rice at your chest that how it feel.
when it inject into my body it fell like burning tru inside then your lung start feel heavy.
well i think that all , if i tell more probably you sked go to operation.
ok ok ok now i introduce dis setoli....

As you know football was invented in china
but the Briton's introduce to whole world...

But who introduce in malaysia (tanah melayu in that time).
Briton's? Well WRONG! aitehyu is Chinese la.
What you dun belif kar?
Well you hear this setoli 1st la

This happen during Mr Chim stop at ma liuk jia for refuel the supply befor he continiu the journey to west tru sea.

While at there some of them go buy food, the soldier buy weapon, the scholar buy alotsa paper and ink but some of them just rest olni.

One of the crew take out 1 thing and ask who wan play but olni a group wans to play. there are 22 crew wants to play that include Mr.Chim and Mau Ree Tuss. Mr Chim suggest divine to 11 per group and every ones agree. There at one field in front of sultan palace.

Aloud cheer GOAL! make this sultan walk out and investigate. He saw a group of chinese ppls chasing some thing round and not make from rattan tree. Some more not look like sepak takraw ball.
Then he ask to Hang Tuah to go and ask wat the game they are playing. This becoz for the 1st time something inside of sulltan body drive-up in to his brain and wanna shout every time they score a goal.
So Hang Tuah called his 6th brader Hang Lekuk and ask Hang Lekuk go and ask wat game they are playing.

And Hang Lekuk go ask that mia chise ppl there but "bad no smell" while he go there that ball suddendly come and hit at his head , and his abit of kapala pusing oledi.One of Mr.Chim crew came and ask izzit he ok? But Hang Lekuk dunno wat he toking about.And Mr.Chim comes to help. After Hang Lekuk ok oledi he ask something and Mr.Chim answered tarak tarak.Mr.Chim know this feler comes here to ask for donation. But Hang lekuk not statisfied with the answer. He wanna to ask again, but befor he could ask......... Mr.Chim says "bola bola ser-pak karang"
it mean no la no la later i kick you ar.

Hang Lekuk now veli happi with the answer and runs back to his brader Hang Tuah. And later Hang Tuah reports to sultan that game was called 'BOLA SEPAK'

So now you thing who introduce this game at here?


frycrab said...

eh...mana hang cipet?
hahaha...dont worry dudez...i try to get a lucky pisang for u !

Ace said...

so your operation tangguh next mth izzit.!

Kenny Ng said...

so ... postpone to when? the tat kiu story nice... LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

Hi Pisang! First time here. Thanks for coming over to my blog to kepoh kepoh abit.
i read that you are going for an ops?
Where? Is it on your bola also ah?

pisang goreng 115,NF said...

in UMMC 9th floor. nice woh so many intern nurse there can kacau oso.

ace and kenny ng -->
may be next year....

pospone la....
a bisul strike me that time

thank for visit my blog...

Venesse said...

huh..not jadi wor ur pity got to suffer another time again lo... :(

toniXe said...

wa got mani fanni people here ah !

great to be here !