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Monday, November 06, 2006

A nah der setoli for eu........

The Wingz , The Ah Phor and The Iron rod

From the narrator: I simply make the setoli of the story olny hope you like it……

I think a as you read this setoli I thin’ you all know la they even translate in many many language…..

We begin wif this boy named Wingz(not the real name).

He love to play play wan and dun wan to study the whole day he play oni….. from playing marbles to tikam 4D and play some sports to to.

And he rich too. Yeah veli rich, that . His property ar, countless. His family is fedup with his attitude. He always play wan and dun care about his future.

One day while his playing he saw 1 Ah Phor holdin 1 iron rod and seem she brushing at 1 big rock.

He come near by and ask that Ah Phor “Ah Phor wat are you doin?”

Ah Phor say” I’m makin needle”

Wing say “with that iron stick ar?”

Ah Phor say “yalor wif wat lagi?”

Wing say “why waste so time wan here some money and go buy sum needdle lagi easy”

Ah Phor “boy ar I dun wan your money wan. If I kanot make it then my son will, if my son kanot may be my grandson can and so and so”

Wing say “gila punye orang . I talk to maniac peepels better go away la. Go home lagi baik”

But befor he go bek he say sum more to that Ah Phor ” ah phor pluzes enjoy your life la we life once olni”

That nite wing re-think the insiden happen wif that Ah Phor wan. May be she right say in wing heart.

Then start from that day , he change liao and start study hard and repeattest wat he learn at skool.

Soon he pass wif warna terbang.

And now after 30 years he was a veli succsesfull bisnez man in internet biznes.

He was veli thankful wif that Ah Phor wan

Then wif no reason he feel like wan to balik kampung. So he balik lor…..

As he pass by the place where he meet that Ah Phor, he saw that Ah Phor still brushin that iron rod.

He get out from his car and when to that Ah Phor and say “ ah phor remember anot?”

Ah Phor say “ who? . who are you”

Wing say “ me la 30 years ago call you gila wan. Wah! How many did you make it to needle?”

Ah Phor say “ oh is you ar… boy you are right I should enjoy my life oledi I damn spend 30years brushin this iron with no reason. I did’t make a single wan.”

Ah Phor throw away that iron.

Wing pick up that iron and have a look.

Wing say “ ehe! Ah phor no wander la you did’t make a single wan ? this wan is titanium. Kanot sratch wan”

Wa kaka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka