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Saturday, February 17, 2007


The ingredients :
1 fry crab (for frying)
1 piaomei crab (for steaming)
1 to 10 hamsap crabs (depends what crabs do you like)
10 to 100 hamkhalink crabs (oso depends what crabs do you like)

Seasonning :
1/4 tsp of salt
1/2 tbs of sugar
5 cloves of garlic
1 bottle of kethup
2 ball of tomato
3 stalks of lemon grass
5 piece of kafir lime leaves
oil for frying (the best is use extra virgin wan)

garnishing :
10 bottle of V.S.O.P.
10 bottle of ter-khi-la
10 bottle of whis-khi
10 dozen of "or kau'
5 dozen of carl-beard
5 dozen of ank-ker
5 dozen of 'tali leher perempuan' ( tie-ger)

Garnishing onthe table :
8 set of meal which change from time to time
10 empty glass
10 small plate
10 small bowl
10 pair of chop stick
2 saucer plate fill with soy sauce
2 saucer plate fill with chilli sauce
10 plastic chair some time stool
1 cover sheet cloth table ( color can use yellow, pink, red, once can see white)
2 bottle of carbonate softdrinks (depends what you like)
1 bottle of mineral water (you can oso use R.O. water or drinking water)(can oso use paip water)

How to prepare. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :

One day 1 piao mei crab walking near sea side, and all hamsap and hamkhalink crab want to tackle her . You see this piao mei crab very very leech ................. er ... errr.... rich and high class wan. You knoe la people in high class wan musk find EXtra-ordornary wan....

Ok ok back to setoli, as you know that piao mei crab was walking at sea side wif all her ahsam wan.
And she 'bo layan' all the crab she see. Then she spot a one crab walking very diffrent from all the sepisis that she ever saw . She kwikly fall in lafu w if that crab .
"Wei why hah? that crab different from us?" ask that piao mei crab to her ah sam.
"Which wan?" her ahsam ask bek.
"Neh that wan walking to that tree" piao mei crab point to that crab.
"Oh that wan ........ dunno neber see him may be not from here lar?" told ahsam.
""wei! wat his name ?"ask piao mei crab to one of bt stander there.
" fry crab , his tarak betul wan la...." told that by stander there.

but that piao mei crab , no care wan she aledy find her partner life.

So kwikly that piao mei crab rush bek home and told her folks that she finally meet sum-wam spesel . And so the arrangement was set up and they are finally married.

That nite nothing was hapen, becoz the groom was extremely out of energy and all this becoz they play the groom 'kaw kaw' wan.

In the morning, the two couple wake up and the still new groom(that is fry crab) in ask his wife.
"honey do you wan wash your face I bring to you"
"Yeslor LK of couse I want" told that piao mei crab

And fry crab go 1 big curve to get that pail and kambing bek oso 1 big curve to his wife.
that piao mei crab feel strange and ask to his LK
"Why you walk different from that day?"
"Which day?" ask fry crab bek.
"That day lor...... at the beach plus last nite..." told piao mei crab.
"Oh that wan lar ... I forgot to tell you wen I drunk I always walk straight" told fry crab.



Wennnn said...

aiyah damnnn got conned liao... tiu tat stupid crab drunk oledi then wwalk walk straight ....

aceone118 said...

Wakakaka..sohai frycrab!!!

frycrab said...

gong xi fatt chai!!!

teng....then how the story go if the title name is




Rabbit said...

i thought u are really giving recipe till i read the "piaomei crab" =.= Haha! Happy CNY to u and ur family too! Tong tong Tong chiang!