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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Wanna To Try This Kind Of Sushi?

Okay before I blog further , I want to know who at here loves sushi?
So a lot of here love sushi and I can see some of them don't like it.
Well I don't force you to go try sushi, Is your choice right.

I receive some sushi pictures from my friend true e-mail and before I show the pictures
here I want to share some normal kind of sushi that we ate at sushi bar and at some take away
counter at hypermarket.

Normal sushi that we ate are.....:
unagi sushi (this is my favourite)
chuka sushi
tako sushi
ebi sushi
tamago sushi
anago sushi
kani sushi and
california roll

That's all i can remember............
now i think some of you may be eat diffrent kind of sushi more than me

And now the gruesome part.
I receive this from my friend e-mail and i decide to post it at here.
This kind of sushi is not form japan at all
be prepare and ready a potty or doggie bag

Picture 1

Not so scary at all right?

Picture 2

Grasshopper sushi .......................
You know what..........?
May be it originate from some where in Indo-china country.

Picture 3

I think this is cicada.
This insect when in larva stage it stay for 17 years...
when become insect they got 1 purpose only mating and sex till die.

Picture 4

May be wasp of bee
Be careful it still can sting you although they died already
But when serve the sting are remove.

Picture 5

I truly don't know this ....
May be a water bug.

Picture 6

It start getting scary right?

Picture 7

I told you what?
*check picture 2*

Picture 8


picture 9

This is the scary at all
*run to toilet*

Picture 10

The last picture I do not know what kind izzit
may be it was durian sushi.......
or tempoyak sushi......

Okay that all


AceOne118 said...

If Lehbit Muimui see this I dun think she will go eat sushi again!! wakakaka!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

Rabbit said...


Oi! Why these sushi so disgusting one?! Puik puik!

Kenny Ng said...

Luckily I dun like sushi all the time

babyfiona said... WAI ler!!

blueapple said...

ok.. I'm DONE with sushi...

Wennnn said...

Eeewwww I just had sushi last nite.. Thank god I haven't seen this yesterday....

janicepa said...

aiyer... is that wat you eat ???
eaw !!! stop it !! kakakaka