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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Today is my birthday and i survive from minor stroke for 2 years now....
I hope I will not get this stroke any more in the future.....

and now from my present for you all I give you this joke to you all.

So after that BIG together-gather blogger party , there was a small gathering party held every six month where all the senior and newer blogger meet and all eat and eat.
But under new rule of blogger of Malaysia :
Section (Z) MMXXLLCVILL : for blogger gathering very blogger must tell 1 joke and if he/she fail to make everyone laugh , he/she must treats all blogger. But if he can makes everyone laugh he was been waive from the bill and all the blogger must treats he/she.

It all begin in 1 restaurant in some where in this country. So before all the blogger leave 3 of them been choose randomly and tell 1 joke.

Kenny : Okay now I choose rojaks , pisang , and and ace to tell a joke . If fail you know what you must do kay?

Rojaks : No plo- beh- mo

Aceone : Set!

Pisang : wokeh!.

N.P. : now you can begin.

Ah Nel : Know the rule ar........ cannot cheat and cannot tell the same joke or altered that joke.

Pek tho : Faster la !

Chui angsek : C'mon I wanna hear that never hear before.

Kenny : Okay, okay keep quite let them start .

Rojaks : I starts 1st why six afraid of seven?

Chui angsek : Well from the the logic 7 is the greater number from 6 so that why 6 is afraid of 7

Pek tho : No... because seven ate nine ....

Kenny : Rojaks you lose this time.... okay now aceone turn.

Aceone : Okay my joke make you laugh wan..... who have see a ghost?

babyfiona : Eleh..... i know that la . later the last person though it was a goat izzit?

Aceone : Errr..... right lor... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nesh : Ace kalah oso...... now Pisang turn

Pisang : *thinking* *thinking*

Pisang : Okay okay . Before 10 what time izzit?

babyfiona : 9 la

Pisang : After 10 ?

rojaks : 11 C'mon la what jokes izzit you lose already....

Pisang : not yet... before 12 what time izzit?

kenny : 11 lor.......

Pisang : after 12 ? what time izzit?

N.P. : 1 o'clock la

Pisang : wrong!

rojaks : how can like that after 12 must be 1 o'clock again la.

kenny : yeah thats right see your watch after 12 must be 1 again la.

Pisang : Still wrong.

Pek tho : then it must be 12 and 1 minute it must be true now.

Pisang : still wrong.

Chui angsek : then it must be 1300 GMT . ha ha ha I'm right!

Pisang : you are so close but still wrong.

Nesh : How it can be? then . . . . . . . after 12 what time izzit? you tell me?

Pisang : After 12 is is is 12 o'clock and 1 second. . . . . . . . . . . .



aceone118 said...

Happy birthday to Pisang!!

Wakakaka!!! after 12 is 12 o'clock.! Yar right! But mine is digital mia watch lah. hehehe

Wennnn said...

Happy birthday to U, hapy birthday to U!! happy birthday to PISANG.. happ birthday to U!!

ah nel said...

Hapi Birthday to u pisang!!!

daniel said...

lol.... happy b;day to pisang goreng though so long liao

babyfiona said...

Belated Birthday!! May next year will be a better one!!

Kenny Ng said...

Happy Belated Birthday Pisang bro! Sorry ah... I was late. Great joke there... LOL