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Friday, October 05, 2007

Bed Bugs hidden public enemy.

Let me introduce to you this uninvited guest to our home.
It called bed bugs.
scientific name cimex lectularius
At you will find more information about this tiny enemy in your home
It 4 - 8mm long insect is generally found in the home
During day they hide in dark place like under carpet behind picture wall and paper wall
They loves human blood and they feed at night.
Bed bugs are not regarded as disease carriers, but their blood feeding can cause severe irritation in some people, resulting in loss of sleep, lack of energy and listlessness, particularly in children.

Bed bugs are active all year unless temperature drops below 13 deg C - about 55 deg F
technology makes this bug active all year as heating use in winter.

At this site more you can find how to identified whether you are bitten by bed bug or not
and see the result after the bugs bite on you. you can check it out here

And finally this site also teach us how to avoid and exterminate this bugs forever.
for example: to kill this bug you should call the pesticide man or use steam cleaner or steam vacuum this bug can kill in extreme heat.
Bed bugs can be kill in 120 deg F , about 50 deg C or more.
Set your temperature high in your house cannot kill them instanly

Prevent Better Then Treatment

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