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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Re-inventing this joke

About a century ago, The Pope decide all the Chinese must leave Italy. Naturally there was a big uproar to Chinese community. Feeling the scenario get worst, The Pope made a deal. He would have a religious debate to Chinese community, but Chinese community don't want to debate unless it would be a big banquet. The Pope agree but if Chinese loses the Chinese must leave Italy and if they wins they can stay. The community sealed the deal.

Now the community got problem, none of them can speak Italian and knew all about Bible. Then one of them pointed to Ah Beng and he said Ah Beng speak Italian and knew about Bible too

On the day of debate The Pope tell Ah Beng this is the a silence debate and only sigh language to be use. Ah Beng agree and ask The Pope the debate must start as soon the banquet over.
The banquet start, on the right side are the Chinese community and the left side are the member of Vatican City. Banquet is over now and the debate is start.

The Pope start first, he raise up his 3 finger and Ah Beng answered with 1 finger.
Then The Pope raise up his 1 finger and point a round the place, and Ah Beng answered with 1 finger and point on that table and wave his finger.
After that The Pope take out the wine and a loaf of bread and, Ah Beng take out his 10 euro notes.

The Pope announce that he lost the debate and the Chinese community wins, and they got to stay here.

An a hour later, the cardinals were around the Pope asking why the Chinese wins.
The Pope explains one by one.
" I raise up 3 finger to represent trinity. He raise up 1 to represent god, and I lost. The second time I raise up 1 finger and point around the place that god with us. He point at the table, which reminds me 'The Last Supper'. Lastly, I take out the wine and
a loaf of bread o show that God absolves all sin. He takes out his money, which I shocked that money can be use for sin also. So that's it I lost all three debate."

Meanwhile in Chinese community, all of them ask Ah Beng how he can wins
Ah Beng ask one bye one.
"He raise up 3 finger I thought he wanted 3 more banquet so I give him a middle finger. Then he raise up 1 finger and point all the place, I thought he ask me to treat all the table. I answer back not even 1 table. Then he take out the wine and bread, I see the wine is 1980. I pissed of already 3 more banquet not enough then ask me to treat all the table and now ask me to pay that expensive wine. I take out my only money in my wallet that is 10 euro only."

" Wait . . . . . . . I thought you know about bible?" ask the leader of that Chinese community.

" Bible? who say I know bible? That day I read karma sutra bible" said Ah Beng.

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