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Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have a very good dog. She is very loyal with me. She is Siberian Husky and I really taking good care of her. I brought her at pet shop which I visit with my friend one day.

When we first meet she jump from the box and ran to me. I feel like we are bond together. From that day I brought that dog and take to her new home.

After several ‘dog years’, she finally old and weak. One day after I feed her she,

Suddenly collapsed, and I so afraid and rush her to vet clinic

At the vet clinic I told the vet what happen to my dog. The vet put her on the table and

Then the vet take her black cat out and put it on the table. I thought she examine that cat first. That black cat walking around the table several times.

The vet announces my dog finally on the way to heaven. I was very sad in deed.

Finally I going to pay the bill and I was shock that vet charge me 450 dollar.

I call that vet out and ask the explanation.

Me : Hey doc why you charge me so much ? Normally not this much ?

Vet : Aiyah! This one special wan .

Me : What special. Your work man ship only 50 mah?

Vet : Yeah This right want you see 50 buck.

Me : Then what is this 400?

Vet : Oh forgot to tell you. That is your ‘CAT SCAN’ service.

Me :sweating9xa

1 comment:

AceOne118 said...

Woah! the locter charge you expensip ledi! wakakakaka.