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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Photo That Really Close With You

I always work outstation and always far from my family. Before the internet era I always miss my wife and my children. When the internet era we are a bit closer but some times I miss their happy faces. When I goes work outstation I some times brings few photo to me to see and remembered that happy moment.
Then I found out this site called Photo Blanket I found it very useful to me. I found out memorizes photo not just turn into photo paper and digital pictures but into photo blanket too. This is new to me and I find it awesome.
Now whenever I work far from my family I just bring along my photo blanket and never miss that most value memory in my life. I even show to my office friends and they all find out very unique and they start using it.

So why wait?
Time doesn't wait you go to photo blanket and choose your choice now.

1 comment:

AceOne118 said...

I know you sure missed your wife(Ahlian) and your son (Ah hock)!!