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Thursday, December 13, 2007


This day as usual day inside Pisang Bank Berhad ( P.B.B.) business go as normal day.
everyone make a transaction . Some deposit a money, some withdraw money, some try to get loan, some try to get a credit card and some open a new account.

Then came in 3 masked man with weapon and shout loudly and told them to keep quite and release a few round to air and around inside the premises. Everyone freak out and some of them fainted.

1 of that masked man throw the bag to counter lady and order to her to fill money in side the bag.
that lady did as the mask man told. Upon she fill the money she hit the silent alarm and that 3 masked man didn't notice it. When all done that 3 masked man runaway witout say thank you.

As they get out they when inside of get away car where the 4ht masked man standby to runaway from that place. Inside the car 3rd masked man discover at backseat there are full of chocolate product.

3dr masked man : cit! what'da hell is this ?

4th masked man : is chocolate and that is our live to get out if we get caught.

3rd masked man : save what with this? inside prison got food also.

2nd masked man : where you get all these?

3rd masked man : hah? american chocolate cheese cake and got chocolate tiramisu.

2nd masked man : and why you booking it ? we might never return to here?

4th masked man : while you all go to rob that bank. I go buy that thing at next shop.

3rd masked man : and all chocolate? what you want to do with all this.

4th masked man : I heard the chief magistrate is chocomaniac.

1st masked man : so?

4th masked man : If we get caught. I want bribe him with these chocolate.

1st, 2nd, 3rd masked man :