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Saturday, September 06, 2008

C & C Red Alert is back

The most my favorite game is here is command and conquer :red alert 3 .
They are back with more action and fire power.
The story line is take on alternate world and also see what happen if we have world war 3.

the 2 previous game it happen on world war 2 and the 2 super power country America and Soviet
is battle each other.
In this time line Adolf Hitler was assassinate by someone from the future and the result German allied with America and not Soviet this you can find out from 1st battle in red alert 1 . In second game peace is restore but not long Soviet attack again under influence by someone name Yuri.

Now the third installment are coming this year Red Alert 3 with 1 more super country Japan will be in this game . Last time I read in my local newspaper it could be China but now it's Japan will be in this game.

watch this trailer how cool it is

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