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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Organic Food

Now these days people cannot escape from pollution , from air to food we seem had to take this till our last breath.
Now some people plant their own food like veggie and rear some chicken if they had a piece of land at backyard of their house. And some city slicker switch to organic food because of pesticides can be harm due of long term of consumption of modern food

In this post I wanna to share to you all how to choose a food whether , it use pesticides or herbicides or what ever chemical they use in their farm.

tip 1.
See at the leaves , if got a holes that means they use in small amount, if got a lot of hole it means they doesn't use at all

Okay what about in sealed bag?
First take a bag and check the manufacturing date.

Second check the expired date, if expired didn't print on it check at the manufacturing date below it should have. (e.g. 3 month from or 3 years from manufacturing date)

Lastly check the content see it start decompose already.
And try find some alien thing in there like. . . . . . . . . . .

take off your glasses and clean it with your soft tissue.
If you wear a ray ban take off and see again in better lighting place.
If you didn't wear both of thing above just rub your eye to make sure you doesn't hallucination.

Then try to shake it off .
This make sure the alien thing is not free toys from manufacture.

And If you find it not a toy don't freak out .
It mean the manufacture really use 100% environmental friendly with no chemical at all.