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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Okay welcome back part two . This I still inside his rest house. There are few wells in this house.
Every time his back to China he Cover completely this well. Sorry I never think to take a snap of this wells ( how stupid I am ) . A recent excavation they found this well and they find more what they don't expect it all.

Above this picture is what they find inside the well that covered. A various of porcelain and bowl. Some in good condition and some broke in few pieces and they put on display inside which you can watch when you take a tour inside.

I forgot already what this are........... .

This is the other side of chinese trader are. Think how lucky we are these days. I think I must be more appreciate now.

Now what do you think above this picture for? A taxi? no that are totally wrong . This replica carriage is for groom which the groom ride to fetch his bride.
Well picture below tell it all.

This is where the bride must sit inside when the groom arrive. Well during that time girls age between 12 to 16 are qualified to married is a common issue that day it practice around world.
And it carry by 2 to 4 men. If the ideal body weight that will be no problem at all.
Can you imagine the bride the size baby elephant sit inside? ( LOLs) It must be very hard to carry that bride, pity to those men to carry a bride.

well that all for this time end of part 2.