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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Oh it's so long I didn't updated my blog.........
CNY next year come indeed very fast and our spring cleaning didn't start yet.
My mom is a custom made wear and I helping it, and I don't have any idea to blog.
Anyway I share this trip to Malacca that day with my sisiter family.

This is the only one in Malaysia land. This house once belong to Late Admiral Cheng Ho
Emperor of the sea. This is his rest house before he continue the journey to west and back to his home land in China. Before that at not very far left in this picture there is one very popular chicken shop. It's chicken balls rice balls .
sorry couldn't get the cover story and some picture, we are damn indeed hungry that time.
That shop are always full house and you had to wait.

Inside this rest house they renovate some part of this house to likes inside of the great big ship
To get a grand tour inside you had to pay RM 10 for adult and chidren I forgat already .
And a name of Malacca that time in chinese is "MA- LAC- CHA" which I believe the English word came from this word.
Inside you can get to see 3 version language, if you wan see all of it they allow let you see it.

This is a puppet show . It run on machine , to me it like robot show and only Eglish.

This is how our anscestor do in that time to trade. Did you see that horizontol like pole top right
of this pictures? Well that is weighting machine scale. Just the pig and match the the weight until you find the center of gravity. Yes a pig and it still alive, they must slaugther by themselves. Not these days are so lucky just go to buthers and choose what type of meat we like.

This is copper thing and what to use and how to use still unknown even the tour guide also don't know the origin use of this thing.

This is some of the The admiral usage thing.

Okay this end of part 1.

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Yinsi Yat said...

Got try the cendol there anot? I heard very nice one.