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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Tale of Ah Beng and Siti

Ah Beng and Siti are two love bird. Both of them cannot separate at all. They willing to die like "Romeo and Juliet"
Both of their parent object their relationship. It because of their religious and custom. Ah Beng is the last generation of die hard taboo thing and diety and ancestor. While Siti parents is also the last generation to follow the "Adat Perpatih" rule.

Both of their parent say in the future both of them will quarrel even a very small thing. But love is more strong than their custom so both of their parent give up and give the green light to them.
And Ah Beng convert to new religious so he can marry Siti.

Two years later Siti, Ah Beng wife give birth to new baby girl.
Then is time they must have to register their baby girl and give her name.
Ah Beng suggest give her daughter name form his great-grandmother but Siti reject it she wants put her name in first then the second name from the great diva singer.

Ah Beng then suggest put his great-grandmother in front then her suggest name later but Siti seem don't want it at all. By time this time Ah Beng "beh tahan ledi" erupt and scold his wife in public. Siti also erupt coz Ah Beng give her public humiliation.
Both of them quarrel very loud that even lost to "pasar malam".

The officer of registration department then pissed of , then cool them down . Sadly both of them couldn't agree. Then the officer suggest combine both of their name. They seem agree with the officer since both of them didn't not agree with their own idea.

After the registration complete, both of them walked out from office and read the birth certificated and both of them saw..........................