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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hungry Ghost Month

This month is a month where the lost soul came out and have a fest and our ancestral soul come to visit the living.
There are a folklore that say they came in form of butterflies or moth.
Hungry Ghost Month is celebrate by all chinese comunity throught out the world no matter they Taoist or Buddhism. In Buddhist community we usually chant a mantra to our departed family or loves ones.

For Christianity they celebrate Halloween on October 31st with parties, guising and candy

For Mexican they have a Day of the Dead on November 2nd

I found out Day of the Dead has much similar to our Hungry Ghost Month.

During this month they have a mass of stage show like opera, puppet show and more
In the past we are not allowed to see and join the show. It is because of this show is for the dead.
Now days this have changed. However old custom must keep it alive for future generation.

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