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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Why You Married.

This is the day for Ah Lian, because it is her marriage day. Ah Lian is so happy because she finally can move out from prison ....... opps house

Ah Chong 16, Ah Lian little brother wonder why his sister were so happy and excited. So he ask his sister.
Ah Chong : Nee-san, Why you so happy when you get married?
Ah Lian : If you want to know why, wait till you get your turn to marry.

Disappointed by the answer he got out and hang out in bachelor house right next door.

Harold and Kumar are two bachelor rent house just right to Ah Chong house. Then Ah chong heard something.

Kumar : Harold, can you scratch my back ar..... very itchy lor.

Harold : Scratch yourself..... dude . Your mama told you to marry but you don't want it.

Ah Chong hear it and he think he got the answer then he quickly go to tell his sister.

Ah Chong : Nee-san ... nee-san, I know the answer ledi why you so happy to marry.

Ah Lian : Tell me lor.

Ah Chong : Because your back is itchy.....

By this this their father Ah Beng heard the conversation and he cut in.

Ah Beng : Wrong son. not back itchy... but in front itchy........